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The fist king said to take this hand.

The second king said to take this sword.

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Anonymous sent: {try again, sorry; if I missed something again, can ignore} ☼ - Munakata Reisi&Suoh Mikoto and ♤ - Munakata?


 : Childhood headcanon 

For Munakata: 

I have this mental image of elementary school Munakata passing a playground everyday, and watching the local kids play dodgeball (or something). One team always fought hard, but always lost, and Munakata kinda got invested in them. Those few minutes watching everyday - specifically, watching the movements of the other kids, b/c he never figured out all the rules of rules of the game - gave him enough information to one day go up to the leader of the losing team, and tell him what players and formations to use against XYZ team, before standing back and patiently watching. The team ended up using the information, and rather clumsily winning. They didn’t remember him except in a vague sense, but Munakata walked away feeling closer to them, and excited because his ideas worked. 

For Suoh

Young Mikoto outwardly, wasn’t all that different from older Mikoto. His body grew up faster then the rest of him, which caused a lot of problems with people who were actually older, such as adults, who expected him to speak more politely and use proper honorifics, etc. (young children being able to get away with these things) He actually got in trouble the most with his middle school history teacher, a very old man. Which was an unfortunate misunderstanding because Mikoto actually liked the tales of feudal lords and kept asking questions/making comments. (He wouldn’t have bothered if he hadn’t been interested.) In a way, being made to stand in the hallway so often built up his hearing, and his ability to listen closely without looking like he was listening. 

 :  Cooking headcanon - Munakata

He’s actually a decent cook. He picked up how to make basic Japanese meals from his mother and can probably make most things if you give him instructions in an audio+visual format (like a cooking show). Left to to his own devices, he’ll make pretty basic, sparse food like grilled fish, steamed vegetables, miso soup, rice, etc. When he’s cooking for others, he defaults to popular favorites (i.e. dishes you tend to feed to children). Rarely deviates from a recipe/making up an entirely new dish. 

At some point developed a very unfortunate habit of trying to incorporate matcha flavors to everything. 

K Missing Kings+cast

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My copy of the Animate cover edition of LSW arrived today yayayayay 
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[K the 4koma] 30. The Location for Flower Viewing?

Akira: Fushimi-saaan! From now on let’s go flower viewing together!
Tatsuya: Wai- Hidaka! Saying that out of the blue is rude!
Saruhiko: Ah…?

Saruhiko: I refuse… going outside just for this is troublesome.
Akira: That aside, let’s just go!

Reisi: Ho… in that case, if it is not outside, then it’s fine?
Akira & Tatsuya: Captain!?

Reisi: As expected, flower viewing is great isn’t it.
Saruhiko: … Why did it turn out like this…


【K】猿美 x 進撃の巨人


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